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11.46: Our live stream from Cortina ends here, thanks for following us and see you at the next live shows from the World Cup, good afternoon

11.44: The other blues: both Schieder and Innerhofer are out. Casse closed at 1 ″ 53 from Franz, Buzzi at 2 ″ 00 from the Austrian. They should be around the 23rd and 24th position, depending on how many athletes will be disqualified for a goal jump

11.44: the second timed trial of the men’s downhill in Cortina is scheduled for tomorrow at 13

11.43: Three athletes are missing at the finish, there are obviously no other entries in the positions that count in the ranking

11.41: This is the ranking of the first timed trial of the Cortina World Downhill race:

1 FRANZ Max AUT 1: 42.36
2 STRIEDINGER Otmar AUT 1: 42.56
3 CLAREY Johan FRA 1: 42.57
4 SANDER Andreas GER 1: 42.62
5 BAUMANN Romed GER 1: 42.82
6 MARSAGLIA Matteo ITA 1: 42.91
7 GOLDBERG Jared USA 1:43.02
8 DRESSEN Thomas GER 1: 43.05
9 KLINE Bostjan SLO 1: 43.06
10 MAYER Matthias AUT 1: 43.09
11 FEUZ Beat SUI 1: 43.18

11.37: Good Marsaglia at Italy: the blue closed the first test in seventh place and should have earned a bib for Sunday’s race. To review Innerhofer who has jumped a door that was indigestible to many

11.35: There are no other athletes who can worry the top of the class in the next descents. Paris cut the most pronounced curve of the course, skipping a couple of doors. The blue, however, in the upper part did only worse than Franz

11.30: The German Jocher would be in command with 2 cents ahead of Franz but he too missed a door

11.28: 18th place for the Canadian Crawford at 1 ″ 07 from Franz

11.25: Good performance by Canadian Read, 16th at 1 ″ 04 from Franz

11.20: The Swiss Hintermann also skips the “Innerhofer gate” who would have closed at 1 ″ 52 from Franz

11.19: Skip the “usual” leads the Austrian Hemetsberger who closes his test at 1 ″ 01 from Franz

11.18: Fair test of the Swedish Monsen who closes at 85 cents from Franz, 13th

11.17: Good first part of the race by Casse who limits the damage to 26 cents at the top, then pulls the handbrake in the second part and closes 21st at 1 ″ 93 from Franz

11.16: good performance by Matteo Marsaglia who enters seventh place with a delay of 55 cents from Franz. The best of Italians

11.15: Buzzi loses a lot in the second part but is the first Italian to reach the finish line without errors: 20th 2 seconds from Franz

11.14: 37 cents late for Buzzi at the top

11.13: Schieder also jumps the same door as Innerhofer. There are no Azzurri at the finish line without jumping doors. Good performance, however, for the Italian who would have been fifth at 41 cents

11.12: good performance of the Slovenian Kline, especially in the final part: he is eighth at 7 tenths. Now Schieder

11.10: The Norwegian Roea ends his test at 2 ″ 54 from Franz, 19th

11.09: German Schweiger is not very competitive in the final, closing at 1 ″ 44 from Franz, 16th

11.08: 28 cents late for Schwaiger

11.05: Dressen earns almost three tenths in the final and closes in seventh place at 69 cents from Franz

11.04: The Austrian Mayer fails to earn much in the final and is seventh at 8 tenths from his partner

11.04: 4 tenths of a delay for Mayer at the top

11.02: The French Bailet also jumps the same door as Innerhofer and closes with 1 ″ 75 delay from Franz

11.02: Bailet has 24 cents late at the top

11.00: The problem with a door is being solved, test interrupted

10.58: The Norwegian Jansrud starts well but closes with a delay of 2 ″ 03, is 14th

10.57: The Austrian Franz goes to the command with a great final of the race who closes with 2 tenths of advantage over Striedinger

10.56: Franz ahead of 7 cents above Paris

10.56: The Austrian progressively loses who closes in 11th place at 1214 from his teammate

10.55. 25 cents late on top for Kriechmayr

10.54: Pure recognition for the American Bennett who closes with a delay of 2 ″ 26 from Striedinger

10.54: 49 cents late for Bennett at the top

10.53: Beautiful descent of the Austrian Striedinger who goes to the command of the partial classification with a hundredths advantage over Clarey

10.53: Striedinger very close to Paris at the top: 4 cents

10.52: Very good in the final part the American Goldberg who gains half a second and moves to third place 45 cents from Clarey

10.52: 3 tenths of a delay on top for Goldberg

10.51: Inaccurate lines for the Swiss Feuz at the bottom, he is fourth at 61 cents from Clarey

10.49: Feuz is the one who remains closest of all to Paris at the top, 24 cents

10.49: It’s up to Feuz, big Sunday favorite

10.46: 71 cents later than Clarey for the American Ganong. Paris at the top is definitely the best, then the blue door cut has busted all the references but the impression is that even in the final part Paris has done very well

10.45: The German Baumann gets 5 tenths from Paris in the upper part and in the final limits the damage by entering third place at 25 cents from Clarey. Now Ganong

10.44: The German Sander enters third place, which would then be second, just 4 cents from Clarey

10.43: The Swiss Carlo Janka is sixth at 2 ″ 93 from Paris and 1 ″ 14 from Clarey. It’s up to Sander

10.42: In the upper part everyone is suffering significant delays compared to Paris, then the descent of the blue, from 40 seconds onwards, is not text

10.41: Allegre also jumps a door in the central part which is creating problems for more than one athlete. The Frenchman closed with a delay of 2 ″ 80 from Paris and 1 ″ 01 from Clarey

10.40: Time does not matter, closes with 1 ″ 79 advantage but has cut the sharp bend in the upper part of the track. However, the blue test is good

10.39: The blue skips a door when he was ahead of 17 cents in the upper part. Paris continues the test

10.38: The Swiss Odermatt loses a lot in the final, closing in second place at 84 cents. Clarey was very good in the final part. Now Paris

10.37: In the intermediate the Swiss has a delay of 1 tenth

10.36: He jumps a door and gets up in the final Innerhofer who still closes with a delay of 1 ″ 35 at the finish. Now Odermatt

10.35: Lines not exactly perfect for Innerhofer in the upper part and the blue has 15 hundredths of delay in the intermediate

10.34: the French Muzaton progressively loses and closes with a delay of 1 ″ 07. It’s up to Innerhofer

10.33: Six tenths of delay for Muzaton in the intermediate

10.31: 1’42 ″ 57 the first reference time set by Clarey

10.30 am: Clarey party

10.28: The first to leave will be the French Clarey

10.25: There is sun in Cortina, temperature of -8 degrees

10.21: These are the bibs of the most anticipated athletes: Odermatt 4, Baumann 9, Ganong 10, Feuz 11, Goldberg 12, Kriechmayr 15, Franz 16, Jansrud 17, Mayer 20, Dressen 21

10.18: Many contenders for the podium who today will begin to make contact with the Cortina track: the Swiss Beat Feuz, the Austrians Vincent Kriechmayr (ready for an encore after the super-G), Matthias Mayer and Max Franz, the American Travis Ganong, without forgetting the French Johan Clarey and the “loose mines” like the Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud or the Swiss Urs Kryenbuehel, already on the podium this year in Bormio.

10.15: Granted the presence of Innerhofer, who wants redemption after the disappointing test yesterday in Super-G and this year has touched the podium several times, the other two Italian athletes are to be chosen. At the start for Italy Dominik Paris with the number 5, Christof Innerhofer with the number 3, Matteo Marsaglia with the 25, Mattia Casse with the 27, Emanuele Buzzi with the 26, Florian Schieder with the 24

10.13: The tests will act as a selection for the blue team. In fact, six are the Italians at the start today but only four will take part in Sunday’s race

10.08: The condition of Dominik Paris is good. This is demonstrated by the victory in Garmisch last weekend and yesterday’s good SuperG performance

10.05: The lights of the Azzurri fans are focused on Dominik Paris who has shown that he particularly likes the context by closing the SuperG in fifth place two tenths from the podium and who could do very well downhill

10.03: Yesterday in the Super-G the athletes made contact with the Cortina d’Ampezzo track and today they will begin to study the trajectories to better face the downhill that assigns the world titles scheduled for Sunday at 11

10.00: Good morning to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the first timed trial of the downhill valid for the Alpine Ski World Championships

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Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the first race of the men’s downhill in Cortina, valid for the World Championships of alpine skiing 2020-2021. First taste of the track Vertigo, already the scene of yesterday’s spectacular Super-G.

Italy points most of its medal hopes to a newfound Dominik Paris that already yesterday in the Super-G has touched the podium closing in fifth place. The victory in Garmisch’s downhill has relaunched the South Tyrolean who today will make contact with the track that will assign the world title on Sunday at 11am. Paris will start with number 3, while the other members of the blue contingent in this first test, which will dispel the first doubts about the four standard bearers who will represent Italy on Sunday, will be Christof Innerhofer with number 8, Matteo Marsaglia with 26, Mattia Casse with 27, Emanuele Buzzi with 29, Florian Schieder with 31

Many contenders for the podium who today will begin to make contact with the Cortina track: the Swiss Beat Feuz, the Austrians Vincent Kriechmayr (ready for the encore after the super-G), Matthias Mayer e Max Franz, the American Travis Ganong, without forgetting the French Johan clarey and “loose mines” such as Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud or the Swiss Urs kryenbuehel, already on the podium this year in Bormio.

The first round of the men’s downhill in Cortina, valid for the World Championships alpine skiing 2020-2021, it will start at 10.30. OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE written to not miss a moment of the World Cup show!

Photo LM-LPS / Luca Tedeschi

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