Paris: the Rotonde, dear to Emmanuel Macron, under the influence of a tax adjustment

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La Rotonde, legendary Parisian brasserie, a Mecca of Montparnasse frequented by people and politicians – Emmanuel Macron celebrated his election there on April 23, 2017 -, is under the blow of a severe tax adjustment: 1.6 million euros . “It’s an old story! “Annoyed this Saturday the two Auvergne brothers Serge and Gérard Tafanel, who took over the family establishment since the 1990s. Indeed, if the case is still ongoing, the first tax audit dates back to November 2013! The tax inspectors disembarked in the brewery, as well as at the home of Gérard Tafanel. And since… have not let go.

According to Capital magazine, for years, the Rotonde would have had a double cash register to hide the additions that customers paid in cash. “It’s a tissue of lies, rebel the Tafanel brothers. A pure invention. “” It was never a question of concealing recipes, reframing for his part, Me Antoine Vey, their famous Parisian lawyer, also adviser to Patrick Balkany. At the origin of this story, there is a slanderous denunciation of an employee of a company which sold and installed in restaurants, including La Rotonde, a cash register software, software which presented an anomaly. “

Seven years of disputes

It prevents. After having pared everything, the tax authorities quantified the adjustment, which, over several years, amounts to 1.6 million euros. Since 2013, the Tafanel brothers have not ceased to challenge fraud “by all possible jurisdictions”, specifies Antoine Vey: Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation, Administrative Court, Commercial Court, Council of State.

This Saturday noon, nothing was sweating on Boulevard du Montparnasse, in the red room, affected by an arson last January – which earned a comforting phone call from Macron. The Rotonde, which, on Boulevard Montparnasse, adjoins Closerie des Lilas, Select and La Coupole, had been targeted as a symbol of wealth and power. “During the demonstrations of the yellow vests, remembers Jean-Pierre Lecoq, mayor of the district (LR), it was necessary to double the cords of CRS to protect the brewery. “

VIDEO. The restaurant La Rotonde ravaged by a fire

On the red rattan chairs, Leslie and her American husband are tasting “fines claire” from Oléron and a fillet of sea bass with candied lemon at 28 euros. “You couldn’t visit Paris without stopping at the Rotonde! This is where Scott Fitzgerald (Editor’s note: American novelist) was coming! “

“This story will harm our image”

Upstairs, on the first floor, in a room closed by heavy red velvet curtains, the Tafanel brothers and the cook Franck Gonnet are meeting. “We have been working six days a week for twenty-eight years”, let go, disgusted, Serge and Gérard. “This story will damage our image. “And slip:” In your opinion, why is all this coming out now? It is Macron that we are trying to target. “Me Antoine Very remains optimistic, however:” There is no proof that the Tafanel brothers have hidden recipes. The tax authorities have not proven the frauds. And the Rotunda still disputes. “

In the meantime, the brewery, which employs around 40 people, has requested and obtained a backup plan. “It is normal, given the importance of the recovery, that the commercial court has placed the company in safeguard”, underlines the lawyer. Me Vey also disputes any personal enrichment of the Tafanel brothers. “The disputed sums were not paid into their personal account but into that of the company. They’re Auvergnats, you know, not the type to drive sports cars and wear Rolexes! “


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