Paris: withdrawal, delivery … find traders open near you despite the confinement

Pending government announcements, convenience stores continue to stick their necks out during this second period of confinement. If entry remains closed to the public, many brands remain “open” in the capital. Two solutions, deliveries for some or collection at the store door for others.

“More than 2,000 traders have registered,” according to Olivia Polski, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of trade and crafts, who described the operation to us. Restaurants, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers, fishmongers, bookstores… and soon artisans. Find all of these good addresses close to your home.

A boost to small Parisian shops, a stone’s throw from home

The initiative began in the spring, during the first confinement. The town hall then published a list of stores still available despite their closure. “This improvement in service makes it possible to distinguish new types of signs, such as record stores, it was important as the end of the year holidays approached”, still describes Olivia Polski. “Merchants can also add their phone number, an email address or a website to allow everyone to order.” A registration form is available on the town hall website.

The card lets you select the type of business you want and choose the type of collection you want.

A cartography which corresponded to a real need if we are to believe the some 2,124 addresses available on November 17, 2020. “It’s still a stopgap, according to the deputy mayor of Paris, the objective is not to transform all traders Parisians on online platforms, the city would not be the same, and for four local jobs, only one is created in e-commerce ”.

Enter your address, the type of business and the desired service with our simulator. Click on this link if the module does not work.

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