Parisian airports very severely affected by the pandemic in 2020

A vertiginous drop in traffic of 69.4%: the Parisian airports suffered the full brunt of the shock of the pandemic last year, like a stricken global aviation sector, announced Monday, January 18, the manager of these infrastructures.

The Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle “hub”, north of the capital, only received 22.3 million passengers, or 70.8% less than in 2019, and Orly airport , in the south, 10.8 million (- 66.1%), said Groupe ADP in a press release.

Overall, “The traffic was almost zero at the time of the first confinement” in spring, “Before picking up again, with a slightly positive summer, then a very negative month of September impacted by the prospect of new confinement and more border closures than expected and again a slight recovery in December”, explained, during a conference call with journalists, the group’s financial director, Philippe Pascal.

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International traffic down by nearly 70%

International traffic (outside Europe) is down 70.6% in Paris, with a marked drop in North America (- 80%) and Asia-Pacific (- 79.9%), but also Middle East (- 70.9%) and Latin America (- 70.6%).

Africa recorded a slightly smaller decline (- 65.8%), overseas managing to maintain activity of just over half compared to 2019 (54.7%). Usually, it represents around 4% of Paris airport traffic, against 8% this year, said Pascal.

On the other hand, “The strategy of opening uncoordinated borders at European level weighed on traffic” in Paris, he continued. Europe traffic (excluding France) is down 72.1%.

On domestic flights, the decrease in traffic was slightly less significant, but still reached 58.3% compared to the previous year.

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Dark prospects

At the level of the group, which manages more than twenty airports in the world, traffic decreased by 60.4% over the year 2020 with 96.3 million passengers welcomed, according to the press release.

The traffic of the Turkish group TAV Airports, in which Groupe ADP holds 46.4% of the capital, is down 74.3%. That of the Indian group GMR Airports, in which it has held 49% of the capital since July, is down 60.6% over the year 2020 representing, according to Mr. Philippe, “An interesting growth driver” for the group.

Groupe ADP forecasts for 2021 a drop in traffic of between 45 and 55% compared to 2019. The air transport sector is one of the most affected globally by the coronavirus due to the traffic restrictions and border closures put in place. place to limit its spread.

The pandemic has caused the number of airline passengers to drop by 60% worldwide in 2020 and the short-term outlook remains grim, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) warned on Friday.

The number of passengers, which reached 1.8 billion in 2020, fell back to the level of 2003, far from 4.5 billion in 2019, said the specialized agency of the United Nations. In early December, Groupe ADP, downsizing in the face of the health crisis, announced that it was going to cut 11% of its workforce, avoiding forced departures.

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