Park Jin-ho, 10m air rifle bronze medalist in shooting… Korea Gold 1, Silver 3, Bronze 9

Park Jin-ho participating in the men’s 10m air rifle shooting at the Tokyo Olympics (SH1) / Provided by the Korea Paralympic Sports Association

[한스경제=이수현 기자] At the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Korean delegation won a bronze medal in shooting and secured 13 medals.

Men’s shooting representative Park Jin-ho (44 Cheongju City Hall) won the bronze medal by scoring 224.5 points in the men’s 10m air rifle entry (SH1) final held at the Asaka shooting range in Tokyo, Japan on the 30th.

Park Jin-ho, who broke the world record with 631.3 points in the preliminary round, was on the verge of being eliminated in the final by placing 7th out of the early eight. However, Park Jin-ho, who showed his crisis management ability, showed good performance, climbing to the lead alone, and finished third in the final score.

Jinho Park, who won the bronze medal, will compete in the mixed 10m air rifle replication on September 1, the 50m rifle 3 posture on the 3rd, and the mixed 50m rifle replication on the 5th.

After the game, Park Jin-ho said, “I started following everything, so I had greed. That’s why I made a mistake.” “It was a good experience. I will do my best because I have the rest of the game,” and vowed to excel in subsequent events.

While winning all gold, silver and bronze medals in table tennis, bronze medals were also awarded in shooting, bringing the total number of medals to 13 with 1 gold, 3 silver and 9 bronze medals. On the 31st, Yeo-geun Yoon (38), who participates in the Paralympic Games as a public official in Buyeo-gun, competes in the cycle (H4) road solo finals and aims for a medal.


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