Parler is active again after finding accommodation on Russian servers




The website of the social network Speak is active again after Amazon, Google and Apple stopped hosting their services on January 10 after the assault on the United States Capitol, now as a domain owned by Epik and with its servers located in Russia. The technology companies made the decision to lock the platform on January 10, after learning that it had been one of the applications used by the followers of Donald Trump involved in the assault on the United States Capitol.

The popularity of this platform is, in part, in the lack of moderation of the content, which has led to it being used so that the most extreme followers of the (still) president of the country spread conspiracy theories Epik explained in a release that Parler applied for domain registration on January 11, without prior conversations between the two parties, although they held them later to discuss the future of the social network, which has 15 million users.

The web domain company does not share the decision of Amazon Web Services to withdraw the service to Paler from what they understand has been due to the action of an “unprecedented number of fake accounts that have been created for the purpose of trying to publish horrible content and violent ».

The conversations between Epik and Parler have focused on changes that would improve policies, which include new guidelines for internal regulation, improvements in the validation of positive user authentication and investment in recognition software and artificial intelligence for early detection.

When it comes to hosting your service, according to UpGuard’s Director of Cyber ​​Risk Research Chris Vickery, traffic comes from servers located in Russia, as reported on his Twitter profile, and is protected by an IP from DDoS-Guard, a Russian cybersecurity company that offers protection against denial of service attacks, as confirmed by cybersecurity specialist Adam Sculthorpe.

For its part, Parler’s website on his return explains in a short publication that for them “privacy is paramount and freedom of expression essential,” therefore, their objective “has always been to provide a non-partisan public space where people can enjoy and exercise their rights over both.

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