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Swiss museums will be able to reopen their doors next week, after six weeks of closure this year and already, previously, a third of the year in 2020. “We hope that this time it will be for good and for a long time to come”, emphasizes the curator of the La Chaux-de-Fonds History Museum, Friday in La Matinale.

But the atmosphere remains heavy in the cultural world. “In museums, we are happy to open, but we do not forget that all the rest of culture remains at a standstill,” recalls Francesco Garufo. “So it’s really just a very small part that’s accessible again.”

“The image of something non-essential”

The historian notes a fundamental element of concern: “What has perhaps hurt this cultural world a little is the image that has been given of culture as something non-essential.”

“We know that culture is still fighting to exist, to develop, to be financed, so that its actors have recognized professional status”, continues Francesco Garufo. But “it’s a long-term struggle and the crisis has shown that culture is fragile (…) So the crisis will have consequences. You cannot shut down this whole ecosystem without consequences.”

>> The interview with Francesco Garufo in La Matinale:

The guest of La Matinale (video) – Francesco Garufo, director of the history museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds / La Matinale / 11 min. / today at 07:33

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