Parliamentarians warn about the sedentary lifestyle of the French population due to Covid-19

Parliamentarians alarm, in a report made public Wednesday, July 21, on the lack of physical activity of the French accentuated by the pandemic, evoking ” a sanitary time bomb », While calling on the authorities to develop actions to counter this trend. According to the report, ” ravages “Sedentary lifestyle is gaining ground, a phenomenon accentuated by the Covid, with now 54% of men and 44% of women aged 18 to 74” overweight or obese “. The two rapporteurs of the text, the deputies Régis Juanico (Génération.s) and Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe (LREM), believe that the “ awareness “Of the reality of this” time bomb “And the actions of the state are” clearly insufficient “. The parliamentarians also evoke the damage of the time spent in front of the screens especially for the youngest.


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