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Part II where a gamer plays the guitar – Gambling


The network suddenly appeared two minutes of fresh gameplay The Last of Us: Part IIwhich no one had shown before. Where he came from is unknown.

In the video, Ellie gets out of bed, dresses and goes to an abandoned theater, where she sits down and starts playing the guitar. The main surprise was that this is not a cutscene, but a separate gameplay mechanics, where the player needs to play the guitar himself, choosing strings and the like.

If the mechanics are really deep, then, perhaps, with the help of internal tools you can perform completely different tracks.

Players suggest that this fragment was shown to reporters back in September, but the footage was published only now. Apparently, the truth is, Sony is actively removing the video from hosting.
Recently, The Last of Us: Part II was postponed indefinitely, with which 14 fresh screenshots appeared.

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