Party goers at Lake of Ozarks in Missouri positive for COVID-19

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) – Health officials said Friday they wanted to “inform the crowd of unknown people” after a person who attended overcrowded pool parties on Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri’s Memorial Day weekend, said it had a positive effect on COVID- 19 had been tested.

The Camden County Health Department said in a press release that Boone County’s Mid-Missouri resident tested positive on Sunday after arriving in the sea area the day before. Officials said there were no cases of virus-related corona viruses reported to Camden County residents that involved parties published on social media videos and photos.

As “crowds of strangers” need to be notified, officials released a brief schedule of the person’s whereabouts last weekend, including stops at a bar called Backwater Jacks, a bar and restaurant with a pool, and a restaurant and restaurant called a venue Shady Gators and Lazy Gators.

Backwater Jacks owner Gary Prewitt previously said in a statement that no laws were broken, though the images appeared to show people who violated state order by Republican Governor Mike Parson, which requires social detachment.

Parson allowed businesses and attractions to reopen on May 4, but state order requires a social distance of 2 meters until at least the end of May.

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