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Updated 11/29/2020 at 9:45 PM

Giovanni Suárez gave life to Benito in ‘Passion of Hawks’, one of the most successful and popular Colombian soap operas in Latin America. 17 years after its premiere, the story between the Elizondo sisters and the Reyes brothers continues to captivate the public, both its original audience and new generations.

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This was demonstrated when “Passion of Hawks” It was part of the Netflix catalog, where it occupied the first places of the most viewed productions. And now it is broadcast by the channel Snail Television, achieving a good response from the public. That is why the producers of the melodrama announced that the fiction will have a second season.

One of the most “unbearable” and fun characters of ‘Passion of Hawks’ it is without a doubt Benito, Leandro’s brother and Raquel Uribe’s nephew. The role was played by the Colombian actor Giovanni Suarez Forero, who has changed dramatically since the debut of the soap opera.

Giovanni Suárez suffers from obesity, a condition that has led him to take all precautionary measures to avoid becoming infected during the coronavirus pandemic, since he belongs to the high-risk group. Regrettably, tested positive for COVID-19 and he was even in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a clinic in Bogotá.

The actor of “Passion of Hawks” he weighed 150 kilos at the start of the pandemic and has now managed to lose several kilos. Through Instagram, Giovanni Suárez He told his followers that, before testing positive for COVID-19, he was taking care of himself in his diet, so lost 15 kilos.

“When I started taking care of myself, I was 150 kilos and two months after that, I dropped to 135 kilos,” he explained. Giovanni Suárez in your post.

His physical change is evident in his photos and videos. To date his weight is unknown, since days before leaving the clinic, after overcoming the coronavirus, the actor did not give more details about it and from the medical center he only added: “No idea how much I have now and I’m not interested” .

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