Paspampres Call Motorcycle Riders Breaking the Ring 1 Area Don’t Need to Apologize

JAKARTA, – Intelligence Assistant of the Presidential Security Forces ( Paspampres) Lieutenant Colonel Wisnu Herlambang assessed the motorcyclists who broke into the area ring 1 no need to apologize for what they did.

Because, they had previously been prosecuted and given education by Paspampres members shortly after the inauguration.

“For what else, I’m sorry. When the incident happened, our members had already examined them. We educated them. We gave them a warning,” said Wisnu to, Monday (1/3/2021).

Vishnu considers the problem of the encroachment on the ring 1 area to be solved.

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The most important thing is that the motorcyclists do not repeat their actions again.

“This is not a personal problem, but related to the Paspampres institution. They broke into the ring 1 area, so we will do it,” he said.

Wisnu also admitted that after the incident, his party never communicated with the drivers again.

“That’s a one-sided statement from those who stated that they had coordinated,” said Wisnu.

Meanwhile, in connection with the Traffic Law violations committed by them, Wisnu handed it over to the police.

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The police have the power to follow up on those violations or not.

“Whether we report it to the police or not, the police still have the authority to take action,” he said.

A number of motorcyclists broke through the ring 1 area, to be precise at Jalan Veteran III, on last Sunday (21/2/2021).

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At that time a number of Paspampres officers were carrying out security installations at the Vice President’s office.

Therefore, Jalan Veteran III, which was normally open to the public, was temporarily closed.

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The officer has installed a road dividing sign as a marker for the road to be closed.

However, suddenly the motorcyclists passed at high speed and the exhaust sound was noisy.

The drivers had to be paralyzed by Paspampres officers.

The video that recorded the incident then went viral on social media after being uploaded by the motorcyclists.

The moment when a Paspampres officer kicked one of the motorbikes until he fell was also recorded on the video.


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