Passenger car registrations fell 32.3% in 2020

Cars at a dealership.
Hector Fuentes

The Registrations of passenger cars and SUVs fell in 2020 by 32.3%, from 1,258 million in 2019 to 851,325 units, with more marked decreases in rental companies, according to provisional data handled by the sector.

The data, which will be confirmed on January 4, reflect that registrations registered in December totaled 105,955, practically the same than in that month last year (105,854).

In the whole of the year they have been registered in Spain 427,460 cars and SUVs for individuals, 27.1% less than the 586,317 a year earlier, and 327,765 company cars, 24.4% less.

The most significant decrease has been registered in vehicle sales for rental companies, which have gone from 238,285 in 2019 to 96,100 in 2020, the 59.7% less.

Also the light commercial vehicle sales have fallen: from 215,028 a year ago to 157,371 this year, a decrease of 26.8%, and the same has happened with industrialists, who have yielded 21.7%, from 24,576 in 2019 to 19,243 this year .

The figures for the month of December are less negative, since 105,955 cars and off-road vehicles were registered, 100 more than in that month last year.

Sales of light commercial vehicles fell 3.2%, to 15,852, while those of industrials rose 3.2%, to a total of 1,466 in this December.

The year opened weak in this market, with decreases of 7.8% in January and 6% in February, but the pandemic caused sales to fall by 69.3% in March, 95.6% in April, 72.7% in May and 36.7% in June.

After the “new normal”, in July registrations rose 1.1% but the negative sign returned in August (-10.1%), September (-13.5%), October (-21%) and November ( 18.7%).


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