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Passengers denounce flight cancellation Concepción-Santiago: they were offered a bus transfer | National

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Passengers on a JetSmart flight denounced the cancellation of a Concepción-Santiago flight, and pointed out that the company offered them to travel by bus. Some affected said they will prepare a class action lawsuit.

Passengers on a flight from the company JetSmart denounce that the company canceled a flight they had at 06:55 this Tuesday from the Carriel Sur Airport in Concepción, heading to Santiago, and offered to take them on a bus.

Johan, one of the passengers, in a video pointed out that they did not receive a clear response from the company about the cancellation of the flight, so they request to speak with the administration of the venue.

According to the people who are in the place, the cancellation was presumably due to the lack of one of the crew members.

Romina Fuentes, another of the affected passengers, said that they arrived at the airport around 05:50. As they queued, Romina added, they were told that the flight had been cancelled, so they were asked to go down to the first level.

“A person gets off and says that the flight had been suspended because the head of the cabin crew did not show up for work,” emphasized the woman, who added that they were offered a bus that should leave at 08:00. however, it had not yet arrived.

The affected passenger stated that they were given a food voucher for 10 thousand pesos, but that they will not be given a refund for the cancellation.

As indicated, there are more than 100 passengers affected by this situation.

Romina said that they do not judge the worker who did not show up, since it may be for personal reasons, however, they question that there is no person to replace her. She also indicated that they created a WhatsApp group, since they do not rule out filing a class action lawsuit and requesting a refund.

Shortly before 09:00 a.m., the buses arrived that will transport the passengers who were destined to travel to Santiago, however, for various reasons, some did not get on, since, for example, they missed medical hours that were previously scheduled.

In response to inquiries from BioBioChile, from JetSmart they pointed out that the flight was canceled due to “operational requirements. Given this situation, our passengers were given the option of be transported by land, or change of date at no cost, or the reimbursement of your ticket”.

The answer is available below:

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