Password «Newcastle» .. Saudi Arabia seeks to end the monopoly of Qatar and broadcast «Primerlig» for free

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The British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that there are Saudi moves to obtain the rights to broadcast the English Premier League “The Premier League”, starting from the next season, if the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s acquisition of Newcastle United club is approved.

The newspaper pointed out that the Kingdom is in the process of delivering a fatal blow to the Qatari “bein sport”, by purchasing the rights to transfer the English Premier League in the Middle East, and broadcasting the matches for free via Saudi satellite channels.

“If the acquisition of Newcastle passes as expected, Saudi Arabia will begin preparing to purchase the Premier League television rights,” the newspaper added.

Earlier British press reports had indicated that the kingdom was only one step away from officially acquiring 80% of Newcastle ownership, adding that the deal was awaiting approval by the English Premier League, in a routine procedure, that would take a maximum of 3 weeks.

In a related context, the group of “bein sport” channels, the English Premier League, asked him to verify the background of the owners and managers of a possible acquisition of Newcastle United.

Youssef Al-Obaidly, CEO of the beIN Group, in a message to Richard Masters, CEO of the English Premier League: “If the reports about the acquisition of Newcastle United are proven, we feel it is necessary for the Premier League to fully investigate the background The potential buyer of the club includes all managers, officials and other representatives of the Saudi Public Investment Fund or other Saudi entities participating in the acquisition or providing any financing in it, ”according to the Qatari newspaper, Al-Raya.

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This comes as the English newspaper “Daily Mirror” revealed that American businessman Henry Morris had submitted a bid of 350 million pounds to acquire the club’s ownership, pointing out that Morris is a fan of the Liverpool club owners’ experience and seeks to repeat it with Newcastle.

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