Pat Napapha has goosebumps. The fortune teller tells me to be careful of being infected with covids. The highest peak is actually following the prediction (clip)

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24 Jan 2022 17:59

Another entertainer infected with covid For the actress – the host, the girl is funny. Pat Napapha Tantrakul In the morning of January 24, 2022, Pat informed the news via his personal Instagram @pat_napapa that he had contracted the coronavirus and has now informed all the people involved. Nong Racing son is not infected

Photo credit from IG @pat_napapa

but latest Pat Napapha has revealed a shocking story When referred to as recording a video clip saying that before being sick There is a fortune teller to tell you to be careful that you will get infected with covids. and write a caption “Sai Mu listens to mom!! And then today came What the doctor’s mother told me. Mother was really goosebumps. It’s true. Now I’m giving it to you.”

In which in this clip, Pat said that “When I got infected with covid One thing that pops into my head is that people say I’m addicted to covids. That is, Pat has a regular horoscope already. The last time I went to see it, Pat got 2 cards, one is 8 swords, the other is 4 swords, which is about health. He said that he was careful about his health. Be careful about getting infected with covid So how is it now? It’s addicted to covids. Seriously, exactly, it’s true.” With people in the entertainment industry, including fans. Come in to comment and wish you a speedy recovery. It’s a lot.

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