“Pat-Napapha” strikes a gig, “Po Anop” explains close to just attending I’m still single

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20 September 2021 – 17:33

“Pat-Napapha” retorted “Po Anop” after being rumored to be linked to the news actress, move on wikk, singer Clarify close to just attending I’m still single

became an issue that was heavily watched in the relationship For a sassy mother like Pat – Napapha Tantrakul With a good-humoured young singer, Po Anop, after a famous page came out, pointing out the story of a young actress moving on Wai. go to a singer gig

This event, Pat does not let the story escalate. Let’s go bigger Discussion has come out to clear the status with the young singer. admit to being really close but still single By going live via personal Facebook, Patt Napapa Tantrakul clarified this issue.

“Right now I’m really single. Who can ask Don’t steer clear. Mother doesn’t like it. ask if sued don’t sue lazy understand news Well, the story is nothing. Actually, Pat and Po have never met, never worked together. passed by, passed by Some people understand that there is nothing entertainment news. But some people, like children, will remember their girlfriend’s face?

That is, don’t worry about it. When Pat is with children, he teaches children. When it comes to news that you try to tell me not to go down as a girlfriend? Because being with the child never taught him that this person was his mother’s boyfriend. I want to look at everything as entertainment. And this one is “Jin”, that is, Pat works with Po, there are many cute moments. When he gets teased by his brother, he gets embarrassed. People say it’s cute It turns out that people are teasing a lot, Jin.

I want to tell everyone that I don’t have one. Pat still hasn’t moved on that fast. And one more thing that Pat ended up with that time. Pat already knows that the future is uncertain. Pat doesn’t app or respond like a celebrity. who said that he didn’t want to use the word girlfriend This is true Because we are lazy to sit and answer, break up and become a girlfriend, the easiest is to reduce the relationship. From being a very close friend to now being just a friend. And when I’m with my children, Pat doesn’t say that this is my mother’s boyfriend. Pat will say this. Be a mother’s best friend. be friends with mom

We will always teach that children have only one father. only one papa Actually, this thing is sensitive. But everything is caused by intimacy. But I believe that everyone understands that with many situations, the younger brother is not close to his father, he understands that it is a very strong current. Regarding the future, Pat doesn’t want to decide. Pat didn’t know how it was going to be, but as of today, he’s a very sweet person. Poo is so cute stay happy A person who can make laughter And what happened was caused by his cuteness for us and our children. So people feel that he can be with children too? then he blushed Everyone was joking.”

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