Path to Cloud of SCG Distribution Business

Let’s take a look at the path to the cloud of SCG’s distribution business, adaptability and flexibility to cope with changes.

Trends in today’s business world They speak of a great deal of adaptability and flexibility in dealing with changes, which means that businesses must be ready and adaptable. But adjusting the IT system in the organization is a challenge. And it is important because it has to consider from the structure of the system to User usage

The term “cloud first” seems to be becoming more familiar. But to bring systems to move to the cloud, what must be done? Cloud technology will help better resource management. Including giving the organization the potential to be flexible as well. Is it true? Let’s take an in-depth look at a large organization such as “SCG Distribution”, the distribution business under SCG Group, that has adjusted its systems during the COVID-19 outbreak. In the past, how to be successful and have to go through obstacles, how?

Challenges of First Steps in Southeast Asia

SCG Group started its distribution business by establishing SCG. Distribution since 1962, currently providing services covering transportation, distribution and warehousing. In September 2019, which is the pre-Covid-19 period. Just a few months ago, SCG Distribution began upgrading its in-house resource management system (ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system), which is currently in use with SAP, and decided to develop the system in a new version of SAP, SAP. S/4 HANA that can support complex work processes Better storage and processing of big data, 11 months of SAP development and cloud migration, is the first distribution enterprise in Southeast Asia to manage SAP migration at large and complex in this way to successfully go to google cloud

Strategic Vision of Going Cloud

SCG consists of 3 main businesses, namely cement and building products business. Chemical business and the packaging business, where SCG Distribution is under the first group of businesses. Acting to drive distribution and retail Cement and building products System upgrade from SCG’s original SAP ERP Distribution developed on SCG’s new SAP S/4 HANA system. distribution It’s a very challenging subject. in which the design and implementation of SAP S/4 HANA is It is also related to the system linkage of the other 17 subsidiaries within the SCG business group. It is a manufacturing and shipping company that operates on different SAP systems. In addition to other SAP systems, there are a total of 47 work systems that must be connected to SCG’s new SAP S/4 HANA system. distribution to be successful. Which is considered very complicated.

SCG Cloud System

Angel Lim, IT One CEO Revealed and added, “In addition, there are 11 other projects that need to be carried out in parallel with the development on SCG’s new SAP S/4 HANA system. distribution and will also have to work in conjunction with SCG’s new SAP S/4 HANA system. distribution as well This requires planning to work together effectively. This is because SCG Distribution itself is a distributor and distributes products and services through two channels, namely, selling and distributing products. through authorized dealers and retail sales to end consumers Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the work system. that supports these sales transaction channels as well.”

Selection of the best partners

System adaptation and migration of large systems Needs support from many parties, both inside and outside the organization, which SCG has chosenIT One Company Limited which is a company that provides IT solutions from a joint venture between SCG and Accenture, a leading global consulting company, supported by IT One, analyzing, designing, developing and migrating systems that This complex was given to SCG. distribution by analyzing Impact and design integration with existing SAP systems of various business groups have developed and Test the system with users. Planning the installation and deployment of the system (deployment)

A platform that can meet the needs

In determining which platform to deploy SAP S/4 HANA on, SCG Distribution has chosen Google Cloud. from confidence in stability Flexibility and in-depth security including receiving services great support from google

Therefore, there was a collaboration between SCG Distribution, Google Accenture and IT One. in the foundation Cloud structure Network configuration and system security which Google The cloud is open-source, thus allowing for rapid improvements or enhancements. In addition, the system has Higher security while lowering operating costs

At the beginning of the system development Working group faced with the spread of COVID-19 decision to use Cloud technology is therefore ideal for working in such situations. Support the development team to be able to Work from any location. In addition, the development team can simplify the design of the system interface, making it easier to work with each other smoothly. As a result, the connection to 47 subsystems was successful. It took the system downtime to move the system to the cloud and was able to be back up and running within 12 hours, which was reduced from the usual need. Up to 24 hours for such a complex migration.

ready for the next step

SCG Cloud System

The project lasted only 11 months, starting from September 2019 to August 2020, with feedback from SCG’s customers distribution both within and outside the SCG group as well “The obvious results after the adoption of SAP S/4 HANA are increased efficiency, lower costs and better customer service.” angelreveal

“If you ask why the cloud Think of the path of work that is challenging this time. It’s yet another proof that using the cloud to plan, test, migrate, scale or shrink applications. to help the work of The team is flexible in the epidemic situation of COVID-19. Helping the work to proceed as planned. The important thing is to help customer service. Open up opportunities for further innovation and new business models at the end is will help to respond to the needs of the business in the future The fact that IT One and Accenture were part of this project Therefore, it is another challenge that has brought about an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of.” angelsaid at the end

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