Pathum Thani today, 4 dead, infected, reduced to 269, hospitals began to open for walk-in risk groups.

Pathum Thani Province is sad, 4 deaths, 269 new cases, total 21,820 cases, most of them infected with 230 family members, while Lat Lum Kaeo Hospital opened a walk-in for vaccination against COVID-19 on August 5, 2021.

269 ​​new cases reported on 4 Aug 19, classified as 269 new cases from surveillance and service systems, 156 females, 113 males, 267 Thais, 2 foreigners ( Myanmar 2 cases), mean age 37 years (minimum 2 months, maximum 88 years), 4 deaths.

while Lat Lum Kaeo Hospital Will open for walk-in vaccination against Covid 19 on August 5, 2021 at 09.00 a.m. Astra Vaccine, receive only 150 queues, 3 target groups

1. Elderly 60 years and over 2. Pregnant women 12 weeks or more 3. Patients in group 7 chronic diseases – Severe chronic respiratory disease (asthma, uncontrolled chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Cardiovascular road -Chronic renal disease stage 5 -Stroke (paresis, paralysis) -All types of cancer during treatment -Diabetes -Oat (body mass index greater than 35 or weight 100 kg or more)

people with underlying disease Must bring a medical pack with the name of the drug and the patient’s name from the hospital or clinic in Malad Dong on the day of injection as evidence that the disease is real

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