‘Patria’ clicks on Telecinco: it is not even among the 15 most viewed programs of yesterday

The premiere of ‘Patria’ yesterday on Telecinco was overshadowed by the star programs of the competition. Both ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ and ‘Woman’ were comfortably imposed on the HBO series that had aroused so much expectation. It could not even overcome the audience marked by ‘The debate of temptations’ minutes before its broadcast. Only 1,462.ooo viewers followed this first episode. Very far from the more than almost 2.4 million people who saw ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ at that same time on La 1 or the almost 2 million who opted for the Antena 3 series, ‘Woman’.

The first chapter of ‘Patria’ that aired from 11 p.m. until after midnight it was the 18th most viewed with a 10.8% audience share. Almost 400,000 viewers less than the broadcast of ‘The debate of temptations: previous’ in what was the prelude to the series. In fact, when ‘Patria’ began, The tertulia of temptations went to Cuatro and stayed very close to the main Mediaset chain: more than a million viewers and a 10.4% share.

It also did not help that the series premiered on Sunday on HBO or that Telecinco can only broadcast the first two chapters free.. Many people could prefer to see it through the payment platform without ads, calmly and when they feel like it the most and others perhaps chose not to see it at the risk of getting hooked on the series and then being forced to subscribe to HBO.

At least, in Telecinco they were able to smile with the audiences in the ‘late night’ when the premiere of the series ended. ‘La noche de Patria’ was the one that accumulated the most screen share. 675,000 viewers followed the debate between two ETA victims, a GAL victim and a repentant former ETA member. It was from 1 in the morning and lasted almost until 3 hours.


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