Patrice Talon: “I do not plan to pardon opponents” | Walfnet

Newly reelected at the head of Benin, Patrice Talon will not give any gift to his opponents. In an exclusive interview he gave to RFI and France 24, the Beninese president believes that they tried to destabilize the country and did everything to ensure that the presidential election of April 11 does not take place.

According to him, some of these opponents “are financed by other heads of state of neighboring countries and businessmen” to destabilize the power. For this, he confides to journalists that he will not release the arrested opponents.

“I do not envisage pardoning opponents. I do not plan to close my eyes to impunity, to what happened, to pardon or amnesty because it is becoming recurrent. So it is not possible once again for people to be pardoned for something that becomes recurrent. We arrested people who were perpetrators in 2019 who have reoffended. Do you want to be pardoned again? It would be a mistake, ”said Patrice Talon.

In addition, he declared that he will not touch the constitution to try a third term as is done in the other countries of the sub-region. “It will never be his initiative and the Beninese will not accept it,” he says.



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