Patricia Kelly: At “just” 17: Son Iggi now lives with his girlfriend

There it is, the “empty nest syndrome”: Patricia Kelly (51) and Husband Denis Sawinkin (48) now “suffer” from it. Not only did her big son Alex (19) move out a few months ago, her second baby also left the home nest.

In the video above we show you Alex, who shows his family how fashion works!

“The Voice Kids” star Iggi Kelly has moved out

At the age of just 17, Iggi Kelly looked for her own apartment. In a few weeks the musician will turn 18 (July 31), but leaving the four walls of your parents’ house at such a young age is not a matter of course. The young man already made a name for himself in 2017 when he competed for “The Voice Kids” to win the title. This didn’t work, but half of Germany knew him at the latest after the performances – and knew who his famous mom is.

Great love for Iggi Kelly, son of Patricia Kelly

Shortly afterwards he met his girlfriend Eske (17) as a backstage reporter on the same show. The two have been a couple for two years and now roommates too. During the Corona lockdown, Eske was always in the circle of the Kelly Sawinkins, why not do it right away and pull it together? The young woman is responsible for the decoration in the first shared apartment. Iggi likes it, after all, it makes the four walls cozy. The realm of the two musicians is 60 square meters and everything has been running smoothly so far. Only when Iggi plays music at night there is trouble. What does Iggi Kelly like most about living alone? You can cook and eat whatever you want …

Mama Patricia Kelly is relaxed about her boys moving out. As long as they report when they are bad, everything is ok.

By the way, Iggi Kelly has just released a new song: “Trash”.

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