Patrick Dempsey assured that he will be in episodes of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy | TV and Show

The American Patrick Dempsey confirmed that it will be in the new season of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), which is already being broadcast in North American territory. In the plot, the actor plays the remembered neurosurgeon doctor Derek Shepherd, who passed away in season 11.

In the installment number 17 of the series created by Shonda Rhimes, Dempsey was already seen in the first two chapters of the medical plot starring Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), in a scene on the beach in which the main character is dreaming about who her husband used to be.

The actor was in The Ellen DeGeneres Show And, in conversation with the communicator who asked him if he would be in production again, he replied: “I’m not sure (in) how many (chapters)”.

I know that I’m throughout this season. He will visit us again (…) To give credit to the writers, it was Krista (Vernoff) who had this very good idea that he would visit her in her dream, “he added.

The appearance of the previous episode marked Dempsey’s return after having moved away from Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, when Derek he was seriously injured in a traffic accident, resulting in brain death.

On the return, the actor who has also participated in Devils Y Transformers: Dark of the Moonsaid to the portal Deadline that “with all that we are facing at the moment, and we have certainly been distracted by the elections, but we are going to return to the reality of covid-19 and be in a pandemic.”

He added that “all the lives that have been lost… Where do these souls go? And I think that’s what attracted me to this story, I think it can be really useful and healing for many people.

Later, on Instagram, Ellen Pompeo and Dempsey posted iconic photos together on the beach where the scene was recorded, with calls to wear masks to protect themselves from covid-19.

“Let’s love, let’s heal, let’s wear a mask”,
wrote the actress, adding the emoji of a heart.

For his part, the actor typed: “Please, let’s unite, let’s respect each other, let’s wear a mask and let’s thank our first aid teams. They work tirelessly and risk their lives to keep us safe. “

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