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He began his acting career on stage, in productions such as “Torch Song Trilogy,” “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and “On Golden Pond.” Then he would jump to feature films, in the 80s, with leading roles in titles such as “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Some Girls.”

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Dempsey starred in a series of television pilot programs in the 90’s, but none of those who were ever commissioned in a series. did not have much success on television until he landed the role of the Dr. Derek Shepherd in the hit medical drama “, of ABC.

has been battling the coronavirus for the entirety of his season 17, and while the pandemic has inspired an intense narrative that reflects the real state of the world, the medicine series also got a big boost recently with the return of Derek, character of Patrick Dempsey.

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He managed to become a beloved character who died in the season 11, after a fatal car accident, appearing later in the dreams of Meredith Grey while fighting him COVID-19 from his hospital bed. Find out which are the best films in which this actor has participated according to .


Sweet Home Alabama – 2002 – 38%

In this romantic comedy, Patrick Dempsey plays Andrew Hennings, the object of affection Melanie Smooter of Reese Witherspoon. In the opening scene, Andrew presents the perfect proposal for Melanie, takes her to Tiffany’s and tells you to choose what you want.

Melanie euphoric and they as a newly engaged couple become the main toast of the city of NY. This sends to Melanie back to Alabama to resolve some of your past before walking down the aisle.

Loverboy – 1989- 44%

In this movie, a young man Patrick Dempsey plays Randy Bodek |, who is in college but doesn’t seem to excel. As a way to motivate his son, the father of Randy, interpreted by Robert Ginty, tells you to look for a job.

Randy He gets a job as a pizza delivery boy and starts a second business escorting wealthy women in his area. Whenever a pizza delivery order is placed with “Extra anchovies”, Randy And the women who call know what that means.

Can’t Buy me Love – 1987 – 48%

In this classic of 1987, Patrick Dempsey plays Ronald Miller, a nerdy teenage boy who is mowing the lawn for the summer to save for a telescope. Ronald has a run-in with Cindy, who is one of the most popular girls in school.

Ronald help to Cindy to get out of some trouble and in return, she poses as his girlfriend so that he can gain some popularity in school. Once Ronald he proves to be the cool guy, he can’t get enough and sabotages his relationship with Cindy for the sake of your growing reputation.

Some Girls – 1998 – 50%

Some Girls it’s a quirky movie about coming of age 80 starring Dempsey as Michael, a young college student traveling to Canada at Christmas to stay with his girlfriend who dropped out of college, Gabi, and his family.

From the moment that Michael land in Canadá, begins to learn about the unusual practices of the family of Gabi. His father is always naked, his mother is deeply religious, and his two sisters are interesting characters in their own way.

Outbrake – 1995 – 59%

Patrick Dempsey I was not at the top of the billing for this star-studded feature film about a fictional Ebola-like outbreak. Outbreak is starring Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman and shows what could happen to the country and the world in the face of the overwhelming spread of a highly contagious and deadly disease. The film was based on a nonfiction book by Richard Preston called “The Hot Zone”. Patrick Dempsey interprets patient zero.

In the Mood (The Woo Woo Kid) – 1987 – 64%

This film, based on a true story, is about a boy from 14 years and a woman from 21 they have an affair and finally get married. Once the couple is discovered, a judge annuls the marriage and orders the couple to stay separated, which is not a problem for the child, Sonny, who shortly after the annulment falls in love with a mother of two veiniticinco years. He becomes involved in another romantic relationship that leads the same judge to annul another of the marriages of Sonny.

Freedom Writers – 2007 – 70%

This critically acclaimed film starring Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey is based on the book “The Journal of Freedom Writers” of a teacher named Erin Gruwell. The book and film tell the true stories of a community of teenagers living in a difficult area to Long Beach, California.

Freedom Writers was made after a documentary about Erin and his students for the news program of ABC, Primetime Live. In this film, Dempsey plays the main character’s husband, Erin, who works tirelessly to give his students a voice and opportunities.

Bridget Jones’ Baby – 2016 – 78%

The third installment in the hit romantic comedy franchise features our leading lady, Bridget Jones, interpreted by Renee Zellweger, pregnant and trying to figure out who the father might be. Bridget has had two romantic encounters in a row, one with Mark Darcy, interpreted by Colin Firth, and another with Jack Qwant, interpreted by Patrick Dempsey.

At the end, Bridget go back to your first love, Mark, but Jack remains a friendly support system for Bridget, Mark And your baby, William.

Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman – 2015 – 90%

A fun fact about Patrick Dempsey What fans may not know is that not only is he one of the most sought-after protagonists of Hollywoodbut he is also a racing driver. The love of Patrick for sport manifests itself during his interview in this documentary by 2015 about another great actor, Paul Newman, who was also an avid racing driver.

Patrick Dempsey He is also a producer of another movie about sports, The Art of Racing in the Rain, which premiered in 2019 and is starring Milo Ventimiglia.

Enchanted – 2007 – 93%

This was Disney’s first attempt at a fairy tale from live action. In Enchanted, Patrick Dempsey plays Robert, a divorce attorney and single parent living in NY. By chance, Robert intersects with Giselle, interpreted by Amy Adams, who has somehow fallen from the lively kingdom of Andolasia and has entered the harsh streets of the city of NY.

Robert befriends Giselle and that friendship quickly turns into something more magical. Robert Falls in love of Giselle And after overcoming some obstacles, the two of them end up happily ever after.


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