Patxi Salinas: «I don’t set goals, I prefer to go step by step»

Patxi Sallinas will be 58 years old in November / baskonia

The Bilbao coach faces his third season at the helm of Basconia

With the enthusiasm and passion that characterizes him, despite repeating his place for the third consecutive year and not having been called up by Bilbao Athletic, Patxi Salinas faces the new league with serenity and enthusiasm. The gualdinegros face Barakaldo on Sunday at the San Vicente Sports City. The objective is clear, to continue the good streak of the preseason and reflect the work on the scoreboard.

– It is his third year at the helm of Basconia. How do you deal with it?

– With the same enthusiasm as the first day I came. With a lot of desire to do things well, that the boys improve and, if possible, complete a year like the previous two, which have been fantastic.

– After the departure of Javi González as second coach, he will have a new partner.

– Yes. Joseba Núñez will be with me, who was in the Junior Division of Honor.

– There will also be big changes on the pitch. They practically renew the template.

– Lots of new faces. There are about 15 new players, 13 of them from Juvenil plus two others who have come from Santutxu and Urduliz. We know that each year is just as difficult because each season you have to structure the team again and teach the concepts that you have worked on a year before, but we know what Basconia is like and it is complicated, but at the same time fun.

– Should you start from scratch and fit in new shapes?

– Yes, because if you stay with 14 players, you only have to fit six pieces, but every year we normally make a complete revolution, a comprehensive reform and we get fourteen Juvenile players to go up. It is a new structure. The difficulty of each year is important, but they are also boys who quickly adapt and the preseason we have done has been quite good. Let’s see if we can reflect that work in the league.

– What challenge do you set?

– That the team and the players grow. We have had a very important loss, Carlos Mattheus, the boy who came from Urduliz has torn his cruciate ligaments in the match against Derio and we are going to lose him for the next eight months. They operated on him on Wednesday and it is going to be quite a long loss.

He is aware that the injury of the young promise Mathheus will weaken the team in this new season

– Mattheus was one of the great assets of the team this year.

– The truth is that he was at an outstanding level, at home he scored a goal, then gave an assist. He was at a fantastic level, but if a player like that is injured for eight months, it is clear that he will weaken you. That is precisely why I do not set goals, I prefer to go step by step, let the boys play.

“A point of motivation”

– They started the preseason with two defeats, but have finished it tremendously with four goals against Aviraon Bayonnais and four more against Derio.

– Yes, we have won against both, it has been very, very good and we are prepared. On Sunday we played against Barakaldo, we were going to do it in the Lasesarre field, but they say that he is not prepared because they have recently replanted and there is no time. The penalty is not playing on that field and we will have to do it on a synthetic field, in the San Vicente Sports City, which is an important handicap. It is a pity because Lasesarre is a very beautiful field.

– The positive aspect of this league boot is that the public returns to the stands. Will they rejoice?

– It was about time, the fact of seeing people on the field is always a point of motivation and more this year that we are going to play against Barakaldo, Portugalete, Alavés and Leioa, which are teams that put a lot of people in the fields and always good to see fans.


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