Paul Walker’s daughter got married and Vin Diesel took her down the aisle


The saga Fast and FuriousAmong many of his achievements, he left a close friendship that crossed the screen. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, stars of that franchise, established a bond, and were great friends until November 2013 when the actor died in a car accident. Eight years later, Meadow Walker, model and daughter of the actor, honored that bond by asking her father’s friend to occupy a privileged place during their wedding.

The marriage was in early October. However, a few days ago, the young woman shared a video on her account Instagram in which he sees her walking down the aisle arm in arm with Diesel. With that gesture, the 22-year-old celebrated that deep friendship and the actor took the place that his father would surely have taken.

The moment that Diesel and Walker’s daughter starred in will surely be remembered not only by the young woman but also by the millions of fans of the popular saga that her father starred in.

And it is impossible to hear the song «When I See You Again» de Wiz Khalifa and that the final scene of Fast and furious 7, when Diesel and Walker, each from their cars, look at each other and smile; immediately afterwards the route divides in two and they go their separate ways, but they know that at some point, beyond life, they will see each other again.

The very intimate celebration took place in the Dominican Republic

Since the two worked together in 2001 on the first installment, Diesel became very close to the Walkers. After the actor’s death, he strengthened ties with Meadow and his mother and became a kind of close relative who provided them with containment and support.

The young woman married model Louis Thornton-Allan, and they held a celebration in the Dominican Republic. The couple decided to go through the altar after going through an extended period of time separated by the pandemic, which kept quarantines around the world.

During the isolation, Meadow was in London and he in New York, and it took months to meet again. Finally, he was able to travel to see her and there they decided to seal their relationship with this important step,

Meadow Walker married model Louis Thornton- Allan

According to Walker’s daughter, the ceremony was very intimate, and only those closest to the family attended. In an interview with Vogue, explained the reasons why they organized a wedding for few people: “The pandemic greatly affected our plans. Louis’s family was unable to attend. And many very close friends were also unable to come due to flight restrictions.

Among those attending the marriage, was the actress Jordana Brewster, who gave life to Mia Toretto, partner of Brian O’Conner (Walker), in the famous fiction.

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