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Paula Ágredo, 25, on February 2, 2021 suffered a tragic accident while riding a bicycle in the city of Cali. After the event, the young woman lost a large part of her skull despite wearing the helmet, according to her account.

Paula does not have many memories of that day, she says in a video broadcast through social networks. He knows that that day he went out with a friend to ride his bike right after he finished work. His companion calls his mother and tells her that an ambulance is waiting and that the young woman is on the ground.

Later, Paula remembers waking up in the Valle de Lili Clinic. “When my mother arrives, they tell her to say goodbye, that I was not surviving”, bill.

Ágredo suffered a cranioencephalic trauma and wounds throughout his body that for the doctors meant the end of his life. To try to save her, they removed a part of her skull and placed it in her lower abdomen; in order to “be able to rescue him,” says Paula.

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Doctors did not believe that she could speak, walk, or even write again. She was admitted to the ICU for two days and very soon she went to recovery. Doctors were surprised by her progress, says the young woman, because 98% of people who suffer an accident like hers do not survive.

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The days in the hospital changed my life

What she describes as a miracle or a second chance from God has been an alarming case for experts. Her mother, after the accident, asked them to pray for Paula’s health and this made her case known on social networks.

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A month after the accident, Paula tells, in a video through Instagram, that she has had small victories that make her feel proud. Among them, being able to go up and down the stairs alone or eat and bathe without help from anyone. The young woman also confesses that it is difficult for her to sleep and that she cannot lie on the side of the one who suffered the loss.

So far they are waiting to perform a second surgery on the skull. He does not know how long that piece will be in his groin, which he called “Rigo”, but doctors have suggested that the best option is a prosthesis.

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What is surprising and hopeful about Paula’s story has been her positivism and the attitude with which she has faced this situation. His followers constantly comment on how shocking his evolution has been after just a month after the accident occurred.



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