Paula Grande and Anna Ferrer release “Vega”, a new album born of the Càntut project

Paula Grande and Anna Ferrer present the album Vega (Bankrobber, 2020), a ten-song album based on the online songbook of the Cantut project. Songs of oral tradition and that explores the role of women in the last two centuries.

Accompanied by Vic Moliner on double bass and pedals, Paula Vegas on keyboards and synthesizers and Juan Rodríguez Berbín on percussion, they propose an album that woman sees women from folklore linking it to the present, combining traditional instruments with Latin, rap or electronic music.

This new record is the latest production of the Càntut project has been recorded in Banyoles after a previous work of two years. Last year, al Càntut de Cassà festival a show could already be seen as a result of this previous work.

The album, which can be heard for the first time at the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa on Saturday 17 October and at the Càntut festival in Cassà de la Selva in November, will go on sale on Friday, November 13 through all the usual digital platforms and sales channels.

Càntut’s second album

The album by Paula Grande and Anna Ferrer is the second volume of the collection of record projects with a repertoire of oral tradition from the Girona region started in 2016 by the Càntut project. This new job follow the disk line Singing (Bankrobber, 2016), by Belda i Sanjosex , twelve songs and a show with which about fifty concerts were performed all over the Catalan Countries and which culminated in the Shouson Theater (HK Arts Center) in Hong Kong.

The new work has become a reality thanks to the production of Càntut. Songs of oral tradition, Cultural Lab and Escenapart, co-produced by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, La Marfà – Center for Musical Creation and the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa.


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