Paula Varela told about the incredible gift from Martín Redrado to Matilda, Luciana Salazar’s daughter: “He sent her a large figure in dollars”

In Intruders, Paula Varela showed the public apology he signed Martin Redrado after reaching an agreement with Luciana Salazar, and specified that the economist accepted without question all the conditions of the media in order to reconnect with Matilda, to whom he gave a substantial gift.

After reading the reading of the on-air statement Paula Galloni was interested in a phrase by Redado that indicated the intention of both to “look to the future in a constructive way for us and our families”.

“That’s because he wants to re-bond with Matilda. In fact, on the baby’s birthday, which was last week, he sent her a hefty sum of dollar money as a gift. He gave the girl money ”, revealed Paula Varela.


“He’s sentimental! Another thing: a Santa Claus, the boys ask him for toys. Suffice it to say that they need clothes, that is bought by parents, “he said. Adrian Pallares. “Luciana was happy”Varela added about the figure that Redrado gave Matilda.

“The girl can buy whatever she wants now: a car, a house,” added Paula Varela when some of her colleagues questioned Redrado’s attitude. “It is rare that a girl is given money. It’s a weird way to re-link. It’s strange, ”he said Karina Iavícoli.

“Matilda has an account where Luciana Salazar keeps the money she receives for her,” explained Varela. For its part, Nancy Duré He expressed: “For me, giving money is contempt. It’s like saying ‘when you have a birthday, I think what you would like and I’m going to find it. That is the meaning of the gift. Giving you money is like saying ‘I have an obligation to give you. Fix yourself. ‘


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