Paulina Dalmayer, the look of a Polish woman on her country of origin

Published on : 05/02/2021 – 14:00Modified : 04/02/2021 – 20:17

Paulina Dalmayer was born in Poland in 1974 where she grew up. After a doctoral thesis in France, she radically changed course: flew to Afghanistan in 2010 and spent two years there, interrupted by a stay in Libya. Correspondent from Kabul for several titles of the Polish press, she draws from her experience as a journalist her first novel “Love war!” (Fayard 2013, Pocket Book 2015). In 2015, his book-survey on euthanasia in Europe appeared, “I will hold your hand. Euthanasia practical work ”(Full Day). “The Heroics” is his second novel.

“A few days in a woman’s life, Wanda. The last, and the most intense, perhaps?

At 70, Wanda is daring personified. Suffering from generalized cancer, she knows her imminent end. His condition is deteriorating visibly, but in this race against the clock, there is no question of being downed, much less of being afraid. Rather move forward, today as yesterday, in those times of her youth that Wanda remembers: the Rolling Stones concert in Warsaw, in April 1967, where she meets Edward whom she will marry and whose brilliant career will accompany the paradoxes of contemporary Polish history; his engagement in an experimental theater troupe; his passion for Konrad, his student who became a lover after the fall of the wall; and of course his two elusive and distant daughters.

Faced with the assaults of the century, its violence, ideological renouncements, Wanda and her relatives have always cultivated irony and tried to preserve what remained of beauty. Heroic in their own way and fed on utopias, they have been able to remain free. It is this freedom that Wanda does not intend to give up. She decides to escape from the hospital where she was being treated, convinced that there are other better places to pass away. What if its story begins where it is believed to end? What if, until the end, it was possible to re-roll the dice?

A fabulous lesson in guts, intelligence and life, carried by a vibrant and joyful language. “ (Presentation of Grasset editions)

The Heroics
The Heroics © Grasset


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