Pauline Peyraud-Magnin speaks out about her homosexuality / Women’s football / France /

The tale of Peyraud.

For L’Equipière, the French international goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin spoke about her homosexuality. The porter, recently transferred to Atlético, posed as a pioneer by posting photos of her couple on social networks: “ I no longer want to hide, no longer want to break myself. I want to talk about it so as not to talk about it anymore. Here is the message I want to get across. »

A posture that she thinks easier to assume in certain countries: “It was not easy to do it before in France. Arriving in England (she played at Arsenal for two seasons)and even in Spain, I realized that this is normal, in fact. In other countries, I have lots of friends, straight, gay, single, and, in fact, we don’t ask ourselves that question. And this is what I would like for France: that we no longer ask ourselves this question. »

A first step.


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