Paulo Zulu: know symptoms of bladder cancer

Paulo Zulu, 59 years old, published a video on social networks making an alert after undergoing emergency surgery. The actor and former model was diagnosed with bladder cancer and underwent a procedure in February to remove the tumor.

“Unfortunately, when I did that post at the hospital, I did prevention, in fact, I had an operation, because a small cancerous system was discovered in my bladder. It’s already the second. Two years ago I took another one, ”she said.

Then, Paulo highlighted that healthy living habits helped him in his recovery, but he also took the opportunity to warn about the importance of taking revision exams.

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The first warning sign of bladder cancer is hematuria, that is, bleeding in the urine. Therefore, the condition is often confused with urine infection or kidney stones, explains doctor Suelen Martins, clinical oncologist at CEON + (Centro de Oncologia). In addition, the patient may or may not feel pain, depending on the extent of the disease.

“Early diagnosis allows the greatest chance of cure in addition to the possibility of less invasive treatments. It is performed through cystoscopy, an endoscopic examination of the bladder, which allows identifying a tumor and removing it if it is in its initial form”, details Suelen.

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