PayPal now allows you to organize money collections

PayPal’s Giving platform now allows you to organize money collections for public or private causes.

Whether on social networks or on specialized sites, fundraising has met with significant success in recent years. Certain events have also made it possible to highlight this feature on various platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. And PayPal seems to want to take the bandwagon with Generosity Network, its fundraising platform, inspired by crowdfunding platforms.

On the latter, it is as much possible to support causes such as relief in case of natural disasters, people in difficulty, or even bankrupt companies. Individuals can also ask the community for help paying bills, caring for a loved one or a pet by starting a fundraiser.

Personalized fundraising campaigns can be created in just a few steps from the PayPal site. However, they are limited to receiving $ 20,000 in donation over a period of 30 days. PayPal also states that it will not apply transaction fees on amounts collected during a limited period – without specifying the duration.

At this time, the service is only available in the United States. It comes at a critical time for the American population since, as PayPal points out in its press release, more than 65 million people in the country have applied for unemployment, following the coronavirus pandemic. The possibility of opening personal funds via PayPal could therefore be appropriate for certain users in financial difficulty.

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