PC dual version “Minecraft” will land on Xbox Game Pass subscription service in November | 4Gamers

The Xbox Game Pass market is gradually expanding, and more and more PC games are added to the list of subscription services. Following the recent zombie shooting masterpiece “Back 4 blood”, “Minecraft” will soon join the ranks of XGP PC, and there are two Versions are available.

Yes, the PC version of “Minecraft” Java or Bedrock Edition games have their own launchers, but Microsoft is willing to promote all of its games to be included in the same subscription service system, and “Minecraft” Bedrock Edition and “My “Dungeon World” has previously been on the Xbox Game Pass console version of the service, but this time “Minecraft PC bundle” (Minecraft PC bundle) will be the first Java version on the subscription service.

Although the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are still not interoperable, if they are all in the same XGP subscription service, you don’t need to open the launcher when changing games.

Refer to the current subscription plan for Xbox Game Pass Xbox official website, Only the PC version and Ultimate version plan can play PC games. “Minecraft Computer Pack” will include PC Java Edition and Bedrock Edition games, and is expected to be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on November 2.


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