PCR test allowed woman to find out why she had had nose pains for 37 years

Thanks to a PCR test
, used to collect samples and determine the presence of coronavirus, a woman found out what had caused her breathing problems and nose pains for 37 years.

Over the years, she got used to the discomfort she felt, but everything got worse in 2020 when, due to her work, in a hospital, she had to undergo a PCR test. The entry of the swab through the right nasal passage worsened the situation.

After the PCR test, “My nose was constantly running and I was in a lot of pain”he said to the middle Stuff
Mary McCarthy, protagonist of the story. Doctors told him it was a severe infection, but recently the pain returned, so he went again for a solution.

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A CT scan revealed that there was an object inside the nose. Through an operation, they pushed it to be able to remove it through the mouth. Upon reviewing it, it was a plastic token from a board game.

The PCR test they had performed dislodged it and caused the infection.

McCarthy revealed that he was eight years old when he was playing a board game with his siblings that featured these tiles. At some point they decided to start blowing them, but she inhaled and has since lodged in her nasal passages..

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