PDI official died during operation in Temucuicui

An official of the Investigative Police died this Thursday during an operation carried out within the Temucuicui community, in Ercilla, in the framework of an operation for drug crimes and arms trafficking, among others.

The PDI detailed that Inspector Luis Morales, from the staff of the Tactical Reaction Team (ERTA) Iquique, and other detectives were “attacked with firearms by a group of criminals “.

“Using heavy-caliber weapons, they injured Inspector Luis Morales, who, as a result of a ballistic impact received in his face, died at the scene,” he said.

“As PDI we strongly condemn this illegitimate aggression on the part of a group of criminals who act outside the framework of the Law. We will not rest until we locate those responsible,” said the institution.

As reported by the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, a total of eight police officers were injured -two of them in serious condition- during the anti-drug proceedings carried out under a court order.

“This operation was not exempt from confrontation and there are at least eight PDI officials injured, this is news in development,” said the authority from Congress.


The undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco GalliHe will move to the area as an emergency, he announced from La Moneda.

“President Sebastián Piñera has commissioned me to travel to La Araucanía immediately in the face of an unfortunate and reprehensible event. Today a PDI official died fulfilling a search warrant for the presence of drugs and weapons in the Temucuicui community,” he confirmed.

“That POI was murdered by people who used firearms to oppose the action of the Justice, and for the same reason we will meet with the police and the Prosecutor’s Office for the actions that we will take from now on to persecute the people who committed this horrendous crime“, he added.

The director general of the civil police will also travel to the region, Hector Espinosa, who warned that “we are going to persecute these criminals and criminals and we are going to reach the last consequences; and those who have promoted weapons for these criminals will also have to face justice.”

“They will not intimidate us. The blood spilled by our comrade gives us strength and vigor to continue facing crime, because we love and are committed to social peace, “he said through a video moments before boarding a plane heading to the area where the events occurred.

Inspector Morales is the martyr number 56 of the PDI.


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