Peasant women retreat?Wu Yinong confirms: registered marriage in October and exposes his wife’s background-Politics

Wu Yinong, who represented the Democratic Progressive Party in the by-election of the legislators of the third constituency in Taipei City, was found wearing a ring while running the itinerary. He admitted that he had registered his marriage with his girlfriend outside the circle in October. (China Times File Photo / Photo by Chen Yiyun)

Peasant women retreat?Wu Yinong confirmed that “marriage has been registered in October” wearing a wedding ring to reveal his wife’s background @ChinaTimes​

Wu Yinong, who represented the Democratic Progressive Party in the by-election of the legislators of Taipei’s third constituency this time, used to attract many female fans who called themselves “peasant women” with her good looks when she ran for the legislature in 2020 against Jiang Wan’an, then a legislator of the Kuomintang. During an interview recently, Wu Yinong was found wearing a ring on his hand. He admitted that he had registered his marriage in October this year, and revealed that his wife supported him in the by-election. “I am very lucky to have such a wife who supports me.”

Wu Yinong is running for the legislator of the third constituency of Taipei City in 2020. The confrontation with Jiang Wanan is called a battle of good looks. Her female fans also call themselves “peasant women”. The team can stretch hundreds of meters. At that time, it was also rumored that Wu Yinong already had a girlfriend outside the circle. “Mirror Weekly” also followed up and called his girlfriend the flower of Zhengzhou University. Wu Yinong was 11 years old, but Wu Yinong only responded to the outside world at that time. This is a private matter. They space and bless.

According to media reports, Wu Yinong registered his marriage with his non-circle girlfriend in October this year. As for whether the bride is the flower of the previous National Political University, he did not give any further explanation. Today, he accepted a joint interview with the media when he greeted the citizens at Songjiang Nanjing Station of the MRT, confirming that He has registered his marriage in October, and I am very grateful to everyone for your concern and blessings. I will introduce and get to know you when I have the opportunity.

In response to press questions from the media, it seems that many “peasant women” are heartbroken? Wu Yinong said with a smile, thank you for your support and blessings. The two have known each other for many years. Since the wife is an outsider, she hopes to have her own life and space. I hope everyone will understand.

As for whether the wife will come forward to assist the election before the election? Wu Yinong pointed out that her wishes must be respected, but the recent battles have been a bit big, and it takes a little time to adjust.

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