Pedro Castillo: Confiep expresses its concern for the first ministerial cabinet

Prior to the officialization of Pedro Francke as Minister of Economy and Anibal Torres in the Justice portfolio, the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Trust) issued a statement in which he expressed concern about the first ministerial cabinet, headed by Guido Bellido, which has been conformed in the government of the president Pedro Castillo.

“The National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP) expresses its concern about the decisions made by the President of the Republic in the last hours,” reads the official statement of the Trust.

In that sense, they invoked the government of Castillo that take into account “a broad and plural call, which opens spaces for national dialogue, the search for consensus and governance” in the current context of health and economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Peru needs, today more than ever, a solvent cabinet, with experience and with a broad call. Also, we need the cabinet to be completed with the ministers of Economy and Justice that transmit confidence to society as a whole ”, added the Trust on the new Council of Ministers led by Guido Bellido.

Confiep regrets the setback

The Trust considers that the cabinet presented on July 29 raises “legitimate concerns for the vast majority of political, social and economic actors.” On the other hand, they regretted the decline in terms of gender parity and female representation, in addition to not having demarcated from “misogynistic and homophobic” comments.

On the other hand, they asked the Peruvian president Pedro Castillo to maintain the commitment to the fight against terrorism in an “absolute and unquestionable” manner.

“We recognize the importance of promoting changes to close social gaps and provide well-being to people, especially the most vulnerable. For this, we must prioritize health, the economic recovery of people and generate a climate of democratic stability to resume the growth with development that we all long for ”, concludes the message of the Trust.

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