Pedro Castillo: “They will not make me go back for political whims, pettiness or interests of certain politicians and groups”

The president of the Republic, Pedro Castilloafter swearing in the fifth ministerial Cabinet of his management— stated from Pampachiri (Apurímac Region) that political interests and pettiness will not make him back down in his work to crystallize the works that Peruvians in vulnerable situations need.

Along these lines, the president indicated that his presence in this area of ​​the country is part of the commitment he assumed with the people to meet openly, “and not clandestinely to plot against the popular will.”

“Compatriots, the popular will is to be able to crystallize the dreams of the peasant brothers, They will not make me go back because of political whims, pettiness and interests of certain politicians and groups who want to turn their backs on the Peruvian people“, assured the president during a meeting with representatives of the Regional Agrarian Defense Front.

Likewise, the Head of State conveyed the greeting of the new Ministerial Cabinet“who swore last night assuming a serious commitment” with the people, in order to get various works forward.

In addition, he apologized to the population of Juliaca (A lots of) for not having traveled to that area yesterday, due to the political situation, since he had to do “immediate things”; but that he will immediately go to solve the issue of water and drainage.

On the other hand, he urged the elected authorities and the people to work together to achieve the technical studies necessary to achieve the works for the population.

He also announced that the doors of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagrie) will be open to the people and that the new owner of said sector, John Altamiranohas the political will to work for the people.

In this context, he said that if they observe that a minister of State, vice minister, or authority takes the budget “of the people into their pockets, let us denounce it and this [autoridad] It must be somewhere else.”

Request to Congress

After the presidential activity was completed, he was consulted about the request promoted in Parliament to be suspended from the exercise of office, the president indicated that on this issue “it is Peru or history that has to judge them.” “It surprises me”indicated the head of state, in response to the questions that the local press asked him about it.

In addition, he pointed out that Congress must schedule issues related to constitutional rights and reforms in health, education and agriculture.

“Balance of powers is asking Congress to schedule constitutional rights such as the right to demonstrate, the right to propose projects of real importance such as the second agrarian reformas well as on the subject of reforms in education and on the subject of health”, indicated Pedro Castillo.

On this last point, he said that in the country “we have to understand that the pandemic has done many things, and that it has taken thousands of compatriots.” “Until now we have not learned from that,” he considered shortly after boarding a military helicopter, after his activities in the Pampachiri district.

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