Pedro de la Rosa Dispels Rumors About Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin F1 Deal

2023-07-04 11:10:01

Pedro de la Rosa has dismissed wild rumors about Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin F1 deal. The 41-year-old former two-time world champion moved from Alpine to Aston Martin late last year to replace retired Sebastian Vettel.

What he found at the Silverstone-based team was a surprisingly competitive car to kick off a string of podium finishes in early 2023. “Had Seb had this year’s car, he probably would have postponed his retirement,” Aston Martin F1 team principal Mike Clack confirmed to Speed ​​Week. But the car Vettel had last year was far from competitive at first. “I probably lost my motivation early in the season,” Clack said. “Eventually at Suzuka and Austin where we were able to catch up, Sebastian was hot again.” “But by then his decision had already been made.” Things seem to have “hit”. More recently, however, some have begun to question whether Alonso was actually signed as a distinct ‘number two’. The rumors have been sparked by several instances of Alonso not dutifully attacking teammate Lance Stroll (son of team owner Lawrence Stroll). Is Alonso contractually unable to challenge when Stroll is in front? “Antonio, that’s ridiculous,” said Pedro de la Rosa, Alonso’s longtime colleague and current Aston Martin brand ambassador. “I’m sorry, it’s ridiculous,” de la Rosa repeated to DAZN commentator Antonio Lovato. “You’ve mentioned it before, but it’s totally absurd.” “It’s better teamwork, that’s all.”

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