Pelé’s doctors publish a statement about his state of health and the family lashes out at the press

The Brazilian star Pelé has been hospitalized since Tuesday in a Sao Paulo hospital for a reassessment of his treatment against the cancer he suffers from, the medical center reported on Wednesday afternoon.

Pelé, 82, “is in full control of vital functions” and has a “stable clinical condition”, details the medical part of the Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital.

The legendary ‘shirt’ 10 of the selection entered on Tuesday for a “re-evaluation of the chemotherapy treatment of the colon tumor identified in September 2021”, indicates the medical team. After the check up, Pelé was taken to “a common room, without the need to enter a semi-intensive care unit or ICU”the bulletin specifies.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, regularly visits the hospital to receive chemotherapy as part of the treatment for cancer detected in 2021. King He underwent surgery last year to remove a colon tumor detected in routine checkups.

Pelé constantly attends the Albert Einstein accompanied by his family – Photo: Instagram @Pele

According to the information that had been disclosed ESPN Brazil, the legendary three-time world champion had some health problems and arrived at the hospital accompanied by his wife and a caregiver, concerned about the swelling of various parts of the body. Once he received medical attention, they made the decision to hospitalize him in order to carry out more tests in this regard.

The Brazilian media assures that the doctors have identified failures in the chemotherapy treatment and will continue to evaluate the next step to take to improve the health of the former player. who recently turned 82 and seemed to be on a roll in his recovery.

ESPN assures that from the hospital itself they confirmed “the condition of anasarca (generalized swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (generalized edema) and even identified decompensated heart failure.”

“There is no surprise or emergency”

Two of the daughters of the ex-artilleryman of the selection they had previously confirmed his hospitalization, reassuring his father’s condition following media reports that his health had deteriorated, failing to respond to treatment.

The media is freaking out again and I want to calm things down a bit. My father is hospitalized (…) there is no surprise or emergency, ”Kelly Nascimento wrote on Instagram.

“I am not getting on any flight to run there (Sao Paulo). My brothers are visiting Brazil and I’m going for New Years,” added Pelé’s daughter, who lives in the United States.

On his side, Flavia Arantes Nascimento, another of the daughters of the Brazilian idol, complained in a video posted on Instagram of “the evil media that anticipate and create facts that do not exist.” She assured that “everything is fine!” And clarified that her father “Yes, he is undergoing tests, as always, following the evolution of the cancer he has”.

In recent days, Pelé has been active on social networks, his usual means of communication, wishing him luck and accompanying the national team’s matches, which is seeking the six-time championship in the World Cup in Qatar led by Neymar and directed by Tite, whom King blessed to seek a title that they have not achieved for 20 yearsquite a mark for the country that has won it the most times, much of this thanks to the golden age that he lived with the ’10’ as a reference.

In Doha, the side of the canarinha Alex Telles referred to the legend yellow green in a press conference at the Grand Hamad stadium, the venue for Brazil’s training sessions: “I ask God to bless his life and that he can continue to grow stronger with us (…) Everything will turn out well.”

With information from AFP.

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