Peña Nieto returns to social networks and users respond with waves of memes

The former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, (Mexico). EFE / Jorge Núñez / Archive

Before the sensitive death of Candelaria Beatriz López Obrador, sister of the current President of Mexico. A series of relevant figures of national politics expressed their condolences and regrets on social networks. Former President Enrique Peña Nieto, was one of them. As a consequence, thousands of Twitter and Facebook users reacted with surprise and humor.

The former head of the Mexican State published the following message on his social networks: “I express my heartfelt condolences to President Andrés Manuel @lopezobrador_ and his family, for the death of Professor Candelaria Beatriz López Obrador. Rest in peace”.

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

This, after 7 months without sharing any message on his Twitter account. It should be noted that the only three publications he has made since June 2019 have been condolences for the death of people involved in national public life, such as Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and transport during his six-year term, and Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza, Former Governor of the State of Mexico.

Users on social networks used the hashtag # LordPeña to refer to his satirical and comical comments. In general, the memes expressed nostalgia for the numerous unfortunate statements and comments that the former president made publicly during his administration.

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

The user with the account named Ewev! public: Lord Peña gave many memes in his arc and character development, the new protagonist of shonen amlo-kun has been in the series “the Coronavirus arc” for a while and there are still not enough memes about him, apart from that he still does not master saying words in a row, you need a power up from the author “.

José Ángel shared: “Lord Peña was fun … but it was the most expensive comedy show we have paid for.”

The user with the account name Blue Blue commented: “Lord Peña come back, now if we laugh at your jokes. I miss his bromance with Trudeau. “

On the other hand, various users published comments and memes stating that Peña Nieto’s administration was very bad, but that the recent actions of the current president López Obrador make them look at him almost with longing.

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Don :: Tweeter underlined: “Lord Peña used to say that ‘No president gets up thinking about how to screw … Mexico.’ Obviously I did not imagine that @lopezobrador_ would win in 2018 … “

Liz shared: I laugh at Lord Peña because you have to laugh at the rulers but if it hurts me to see Mexicans say they were happy and did not know it, I hope they will soon come out of this and it will be a bad memory to learn from.

“The incredible thing is that even with all the corruption of the government of Lord Peña and accomplices, Mexico was better in health, security and economy than we are today with @lopezobrador_.” , he claimed Carlos Dominguez.

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Jivaro commented: “At least, # LordPeña made us laugh and he was building us an awesome airport. This one just complains and does nothing, and also floods the poorest. “

Others simply reacted with surprise to the unexpected return of the former president to social media.

Alex G. commented: “What’s up Lord Peña, how many years without knowing about you? Like two, ….. No less like Five ”.

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

Memes EPN AMLO (Foto: Twitter)

The multiple memes caused many users to express their outrage at the trivialization of Peña Nieto. They stressed that his mandate was immersed in multiple corruption scandals and that several of his political collaborators are in prison or facing charges before the Mexican and United States courts.

“# LordPeña, the head of the most corrupt, nefarious and detestable clique in the history of our country, which they christened the #NuevoPRI. The appearances of that man do not cause me any smile ”. For his part, he affirmed, The user with the account of Jesús Olmos and #susanaDistancia.


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