Peng Chacha is in debt of 240 million to break the silence and first talk about the progress of debt repayment-Free Entertainment

Peng Cha Cha declared bankruptcy in August last year. (Data photo)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report]Peng Chacha has a debt of 240 million. Recently, he tried to receive the notice to repay the money. However, it was reported that he had lost contact during the Chinese New Year. Later, he clarified that he was only unwell.

Through the Facebook fan, Peng Cha, who laughed at himself for a year, should officially enter the “old man” (he will reach 65 on his birthday on April 15), and he was suddenly warned that the next year will be used for three years, “I think Standing on the same side with time, of course, time must agree to speed up making money and repaying debts.” Frankly, this is the only goal now.

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Yesterday, it was reported that Peng Chacha and Sun Shumei had not entered the studio for recording on the eight major singing program “Looking Better” since the beginning of the year. Based on the host fee of NT$150,000 for one episode, he earns 7.8 million less a year, which undoubtedly worsens the situation. However, the Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China denied that the program was suspended, stressing that it was due to music copyright and new media efficiency considerations, and it was only “suspended” rather than “suspended.”

And Peng Chacha also revealed that a general manager wanted to discover more talents and invited him to join the training work. “If you can find the stars of tomorrow among many young people, what’s wrong?” Regarding the progress of debt repayment, he reiterated that he would try his best to speed up. “I’m sorry again to the creditors, and thank you for your tolerance. I will work hard to repay the debt.”

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