Pennsylvania judge rejects Trump lawsuit: “Calling an election unfair doesn’t make the election unfair” policy

Trump has finally lost – the handover can begin
Suddenly things are now moving very quickly: First, an electoral body in the important state of Michigan certified the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election over Donald Trump on Monday afternoon. Then that evening, Emily Murphy, the chief of the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) stated that the transition phase could now officially begin. This emerges from a letter from Murphys to Biden published by CNN. So far, Murphy had refused to take what was actually considered a formal step.

For weeks, Trump has been trying to denounce alleged election fraud in Michigan and other states and take legal action against it. His lawyers received one defeat after another. In his tweet on Monday evening in which he enabled the GSA boss to take this step, Trump also announced his Fight to continue. Observers don’t expect the Republican to officially admit defeat.

Nevertheless, the Transition, i.e. the transition phase planned for the period between the election on November 3 and the swearing-in of the new president on January 20, 2021, is finally starting.

This will give Biden’s transition team, among other things Access to $ 6.3 millionwhich are intended for the handover of official business. In addition, his employees can now officially communicate with government officials. This was previously forbidden to them.

The team of the Election winner Biden declared in the evening: “Today’s decision is a necessary step in addressing the challenges our country is facing.” This includes getting the pandemic under control and getting the economy going again. With this final decision, the transition process with the responsible federal authorities can now begin.

Be in the coming days Meeting with representatives of the federal authorities planned to advise on how to deal with the corona pandemic. The transition team also wants to be clear about the state of national security and how much the Trump administration government agencieshollowed out “.

78-year-old Biden is said to be on January 20th as 46th President of the United States be sworn in, along with Kamala Harris, who is to stand by him as Vice President. (- Text: Juliane Schäuble)

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