Pensioners demand policies focused on the rescue of people and the defense of the public

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The Basque pensioners they have not abandoned their struggle and in this scenario marked by the pandemic and the electoral campaign in the Basque Country they intend to make their voices heard and set the agenda of the parties or that at least their classic claims, to which new ones have been added, do not fall on deaf ears. Yesterday, like so many Mondays, they took over the squares and streets again with a clear message addressed this time to the Basque formations: «the need for a people rescue policy” and of the defense of the public, with care at the center.

These are two new issues that have added to its traditional demands, which do not decline despite the new socio-economic scenario. Moreover, they consider that they are still in force, such as the defense of the public pension system, a minimum benefit of 1,080 euros or the revaluation by law according to inflation.

In fact, they argue that the pension system Social Security is one of the most solid pillars of social protection. “Its maintenance, universal scope and sufficiency constitute,” they emphasize, “the guiding principles of social and economic policy. They are and should remain a matter of state, not a matter of market.

In regards to RGI, demand that the amounts of the pension supplements be linked to the Interprofessional Minimum Wage “thus recovering the spirit of the law that gave rise to the Basque benefit”. Likewise, they consider it necessary to carry out a wide dissemination campaign to gain access to the GIR for “all pensioners who have the right, but who do not request it due to ignorance or difficulties to do so.” They also ask to modify some requirements, such as the equity limit. These measures would help, in his opinion, to eradicate poverty in this group.

And in the new socioeconomic context they claim a people rescue policy, improving pensions, wages, public services, benefits … and that the cuts are made “from above, punishing corruption and with a profound tax reform in which those who earn more pay more, not how it was done in the 2008 crisis ».

Finally, pensioners want to focus on defending public health, “without further cuts”, in social and health services, also prioritizing public management, “with a new, more efficient and humane model.” They also consider it essential to boost the care economy.



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