News Pensions: hundreds of civil servants in front of Bercy...

Pensions: hundreds of civil servants in front of Bercy for the “withdrawal” of the reform


Several hundred civil servants and public officials gathered Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Finance in Paris to demand the withdrawal of the government’s pension reform project, at the call of six of their unions, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, CFE -CGC and FA-FP, noted AFP.

“We will not accept a counter-reform of pensions which will (…) lead to a fall in pensions for thousands of employees and which will further discriminate against women tomorrow,” insisted Jean-Marc Canon (CGT , 1st union), highlighting the “majority” mobilization of the public service in the social movement underway since December 5.

“The refusal camp is for government officials who refuse to consider any claim,” he added.

“We will not stop until there is no withdrawal from this regressive project and the start of a real negotiation,” he concluded, amid a tide of union flags.

Same story from Force Ouvrière (FO, 3rd): “Interprofessional as a public service, the watchword is clear: withdrawal from the project, neither amendable nor negotiable,” insisted Christian Grolier. “There is no question of stopping without any of our demands being taken into account. And without us, it will not work!”, He warned.

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Present, the secretary general of FO, Yves Veyrier, considered it “necessary” to bring his “support” to all those who mobilized while “the government is betting on the exhaustion” of the opponents of the reform project.

Asked by AFP about the possibility that the government reserves at this stage to take “any measure” by ordinance including by modifying the legal retirement age to reach financial balance, he spoke of “provocation “, considering that” nobody is fooled “.

“Points are not rights and, with this universal system (points, wanted by the government, editor’s note), these rights tomorrow we will no longer have,” denounced Benoît Teste (FSU), who insisted on ” very strong link between pensions and the status of civil servants. ” For him, the new reform project is “one more opportunity, with the law to transform the public service, to destroy the status of civil servants”, guaranteeing equal and impartial treatment of all users of public services.

Representatives of SUD Rail, CGT and FO of the railway workers, much applauded, also spoke, after lighting up glowing smoke bombs, to encourage the agents to mobilize “colleagues, relatives, friends” to “hold, hold, hold” and “to win”.


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