News Pensions: two LREM deputies ask Édouard Philippe for details...

Pensions: two LREM deputies ask Édouard Philippe for details on the cost of the reform


Édouard Philippe “rejoiced” on Thursday that “the majority deputies […] share its permanent attention to questions of financial balance ”. Two LREM elected officials from the Finance Committee of the National Assembly had written to question him on the “budgetary impacts” of the pension reform.

In this letter dated Tuesday, Émilie Cariou and Laurent Saint-Martin, respectively deputies of the Meuse and Val-de-Marne, asked fifteen questions to the Prime Minister “in order to judge the financial feasibility of the pension reform “. On the same day, Emmanuel Macron received the deputies at the Élysée to strengthen ties within the majority.

If “paying too much attention to these questions of financial balance and to this financial responsibility” could have been criticized, this letter shows, according to him, that today “the deputies of the majority” share his point of view, a declared the Prime Minister.

“Nothing is clear”

The two pillars of the Assembly’s Finance Committee question the executive in particular about salary increases for teacher-researchers, reductions in CSG for lawyers and other independent professions or the impact of levies on premiums for officials. “Nothing is clear,” said Émilie Cariou to the daily Le Monde. “With the questions in this letter alone, we are surely already on a bundle of billions,” she said.

Regarding salary increases, “what is the annual additional cost for the State? What is the schedule for ramping up, ”ask for example Émilie Cariou and Laurent Saint-Martin, general rapporteur for the budget. Or “who are the targeted teachers? What will happen to the other teachers? “.

On the decline in the CSG for self-employed people, including lawyers, “what are the annual amounts of lost contributions and social contributions? ” […] “How will the reduction in these revenues be financed? », They ask themselves.

Philippe will answer “point by point”

The Prime Minister indicated that he replied to “a certain number of subjects raised by this letter”, citing the question of “remuneration of teachers” which must be the subject of a “massive revaluation”.

He also felt that he would have the opportunity to respond “point by point” to the questions posed by the two deputies in his “numerous exchanges” with parliamentarians.

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World News :

These are “deputies of the Finance Committee who do their job as deputies: they ask for clarification on this or that point of the reform […] It is the job of the deputies to do that, judged on Thursday Stanislas Guerini, boss of the Republic in March, questioned by CNews.

But within the opposition, the interpretation was different Wednesday, while the mail was discussed in a special pension committee in the Assembly. “The finance committee does not have the answers. It is a vast improvisation, ”lambasted the rebellious Adrien Quatennens. “It starts to wank in the handle in the majority,” launched the related member of the PS Régis Juanico.


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