Pentagon does not rule out delivering long-range rockets to Ukraine

The Pentagon does not rule out the possibility of handing over Ukraine long-range rockets to counter the Russian advance on the Donbásin the Ukrainian east, as the CNN television network has advanced.

This was pointed out by the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, at a press conference where he pointed out that they knew that Ukraine was going to need long-range artillery fire since Russia decided to focus its offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Without wanting to specify whether Washington will finally deliver this type of weaponry from kyiv, Kirby stressed that they work “daily” to get weapons and defense systems to Ukraine.

“We are in constant communication with them about their needs,” said the spokesman for the Department of Defense of EE.UU.

In this sense, he stated that EE.UU. is aware that the Ukrainians have “privately and publicly” requested multiple launch rocket systems, without wanting to confirm whether they will eventually be supplied.

Eleventh aid package to Ukraine

Kirby added that the US has provided kyiv with 10 aid packages so far and the 11th is in the works.

He recalled that the situation is “very dynamic” in Donbas: “There are cities and towns that fall into the hands of the Russians on a given day, and then the Ukrainians take them back. There is still a lot of give and take,” he said.

However, he admitted that the Russians are making “increasing profits” in Donbas.

The CNN channel, which quoted government officials, assured in the last few hours that the Government of EE.UU. could announce, as soon as next week, the shipment to Ukraine of multiple launch rocket systems, known as MLRS, within a broader military assistance package to defend against the Russian invasion.

(With information from EFE)


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