People in their twenties live together less and break up more often

At the beginning of the millennium, 59 percent of 25 to 30-year-olds lived together (whether or not married), which has dropped to 47 percent in 2019. Moreover, the combination of marriage and cohabitation is less common.


It has become more common for young adults to live alone or with their parents. That’s because they start living together later and later. According to CBS sociologist Tanja Traag, this fits in with the general trend that people in their twenties reach these kinds of personal milestones later. Young adults study longer on average and are less likely to live on their own since the introduction of the loan system in 2015.

The statisticians followed 24-year-olds who started living together in 2011 and 2015 for five years to find out how often they split up. This happened in 23 percent of the cases, against 18 percent a decade earlier. The older couples are when they start living together, the less likely they are to break up.

Vast contract

The economic position of people in their twenties also appears to influence the chances of divorce if they start living together. Young adults with a low income break up more often, as do the less educated. This relationship also exists in older age groups. For people in their twenties it also matters what kind of contract they have. A permanent contract offers a greater chance of continuing to live together than a temporary contract.

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