People infected with AH5N8 virus for the first time

Chickens in a fattening farm

So far, only the H5N1 pathogen was known to be transmitted to humans.

(Photo: dpa)

Moscow In Russia, a certain avian flu pathogen has spread to humans for the first time. Seven workers in a fattening farm in southern Russia were infected with the AH5N8 virus in December, the head of the consumer protection agency, Anna Popova, told the television broadcaster Rossiya 24 on Saturday.

So far there is no evidence of the virus being transmitted between people. The World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of the case several days ago. The sick workers are doing well.

So far only infections with the bird flu virus H5N1 were known in humans. The pathogen is highly contagious to birds. Infested stocks of farm animal poultry must be completely killed and elaborately removed.

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